The Founder Signature Blend

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Tasting note:

Citrus, grapefruit, and cocoa

Roast level:




A finely crafted blend of varieties high altitude Arabica Estate beans roasted individually in small batches from our owned coffee farms to create a rich and medium body coffee.

Origin: Ratawali, Gayo Highland

Region: Central Aceh, North Sunmatra of Indonesia

Altitude: 1,500 meters above sea level

Pour Over
Espresso Machine
French Press

Gayo Highland Origin

We source our coffee from Gayo Highland, situated within the buffer zone of Leuser National Park (the oldest and largest in Indonesia), consist of mountainous terrain with elevations ranging from 1000 meters to over 3000 meters.

Saman Coffee Series

Saman is an iconic dance belonging to the community of Gayo and is the identity of the community.

The Saman dance is usually taught from generations to generations. It is the inspirations behind our signature blends of the Saman Coffee Series. The Founder Blend, The Succesor Blend and the Predecessor Blend. All three blends pays homage to our founder, as well as his ancestors and successors.

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The Founder Signature Blend
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The Founder Signature Blend

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