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We source our coffee from Gayo Highland, situated within the buffer zone of Leuser National Park (the oldest and largest in Indonesia), consist of mountainous terrain with elevations ranging from 1000 meters to over 3000 meters.

DEGAYO COFFEE has a rich family history that dates back to the 1920s. Our founder’s forefather found the coffee farm at Gayo Highlands, where his ancestors cultivated coffee plants for generations. The coffee plantation has contributed to the cultural value of the area by using traditional methods in order to maintain and sustain local farmers’ culture.

The origin of our DEGAYO COFFEE name came from the word “GAYO” which was named after GAYO High- lands. The word “DE” comes from the word “The”.

As a family owned coffee producer, we aim to establish a stronger relationship, providing transparency about its origin of coffee. By doing this, trust is formed between two major stakeholders; the producer and the coffee roaster.

Whilst this is one of the key components to direct trade, Degayo Coffee believes that transparency should also extend to consumers hence our Tree To Cup ethics.

Tree To Cup simply emphasizes the processes of coffee beans from its seedling at the farm, up to delivering coffee beans to cafes or to consumers illustrating transparency of coffee.

When we work with other like minded coffee producer, we aim to always provide the most sustainable, and delicious coffee.

About Our People

Our People

We are coffee producers, roasters, trainers, with a huge passion for coffee with one aim and that is to serve good, delicious, affordable coffee that is directly trade from coffee producers like us. Our main goal is to provide affordable coffee without compromising quality and flavour. In order to do this, Degayo Coffee is transparent with the origin of its coffee through thorough research with coffee producers of other regions, from its processes, varietal and roasting stage – tree to cup. Degayo Coffee’s Tree To Cup enables us to identify and to understand the processes of each stage and fully comprehend the stages of our coffee from coffee farm level, to roasting facility. Join our coffee journey embarking on coffee community growth and development for the food service industry.
About its History

its History

The Dutch founded the first European-owned coffee estate in Java in the 18th Century. In 1773, coffee plants were starting to get attention from the New World, particularly, Boston Tea Party. As such, the Dutch saw the potential in coffee and initiated a journey to find locations for growing coffee plants – heading towards East and found Rural Aceh.

In 1887, Dutch Colonial Administration of Batavia granted Dutch explorer SNOUCK HURGRONJE, permission to explore fieldwork through rural Aceh. It is here, he found a species of coffee plants in almost every village in Gayo. The local population was not aware of the origins of the plant and said that it has grown wild. In fact, Gayonese uses these plants as fences around their gardens!


About Degayo Coffee
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