DEGAYO COFFEE owns a farm in Gayo Highlands with a team of skilled coffee farmers who have been with our founder for generations. Sharing the same passion of providing the highest grade coffee beans to our consumers, DEGAYO COFFEE practises three important objectives for a greener and more responsible approach to a business venture including agricultural, social and environmental responsibility.


As part of DEGAYO COFFE team, our farmers are given access to healthcare, clean water and decent housing in the area. As children are the pillars of our future, DEGAYO COFFEE ensures that children of the farmers have access to schooling in the neighbour- hood. At the farm, we practise safe, healthy working conditions with no discrimination and everyone is given respectful treatment. It is also in our policy that our farmers are given a healthy minimum wage from the profit of roasted coffee bean sales globally.


DEGAYO COFFEE aims to empower farmers by providing knowledge of the global coffee market including horticulture. Farmers are equipped with regular training to increase productivity, identify bean quality, as well as record keeping and knowledge of farming costing. We also maintain DEGAYO’s hygiene standards as we are certified with HACCP, HALAL, ISO 22000 and MS1480:2007, farmers are provided with hygiene training complete with rules regularly.


As part of DEGAYO COFFEE’s greener approach, the company provides several solutions to our farmers in order to manage a sustainable environment. Some methods include introducing safe use of fertilisers & agrochemicals, prevention of soil erosion and to minimised water and energy usage. DEGAYO COFFEE plants are naturally nurtured with the basic conditions of the environment.