There is more than one way to ensure the quality of coffee after roasting meets the quality and expectations of our Master Roasters and clients. At DEGAYO COFFEE, we conduct two vital quality checks that we enforce at every batch of roasted coffee beans.


DEGAYO COFFEE offers contract roasting for both private label and for corporate accounts. For some businesses, we understand the importance of creating and establishing a coffee brand, and therefore offer a plain packaging that enables private labelling. Besides growing our own beans, DEGAYO COFFEE sources other green beans, roast, packaging, with a warehouse and distributes internationally.

Our signature series of blend caters the international market ranging from light, medium to dark roast.


Each batch of freshly roasted coffee beans are examined through cupping, a coffee tasting technique that requires a skilled taster to evaluate from the aroma of the coffee to its flavour profile. Our official coffee taster at DEGAYO COFFEE is able to not only taste coffee but to evaluate defective coffee and create coffee blends. In order to do so, one must taste coffee from around the world. That is a lot of coffee tasting.


Our roasting facility is equipped with Agtron Colour Control that enables us to test fresh batch of roasted coffee beans’ consistency. Our expert team checks up on the roast consistency through Agtron readings for each sample to make sure they all fall within a specified range that meets with our clients’ expectation. Our team consists of licensed Q Arabica Graders and certified coffee professionals.

We are HACCP, HALAL, ISO 22000 and MS1480:2007 certificated with a fully equipped laboratory that enables DEGAYO’s Master Roaster and team to test each blend with ease.