Tree to Cup

When understanding about each stage and processes of coffee, it becomes apparent the real story behind the cup. We illustrate how one coffee tree, when harvest, can produce three different types of tasting profiles from processing its cherries.

For every coffee bag that is sold, we have allocate part of the profit towards coffee producers that we are working with. This would allow for more development and understanding on the improvement of quality green beans and processes whilst researching for the right technology!

Need help choosing your coffee?

As a coffee producer, we are serious when it comes to providing quality coffee. Our coffee beans are trade directly with coffee producers as we believe this brings mutual benefits for all.

If this is your first time here and you are wondering what we can offer, let us you with choosing the right coffee blends; from bright coffee, roasted medium to darker coffee roast; catering to any of your coffee mood.

These are our coffee promises to you:


We source our coffee from a selection of coffee producers that we have a long term goal – that is promoting direct trade. We have worked with our coffee producers for at least five years

Quality Coffee Beans
  • Our coffee beans adheres to the specialty coffee grade standard as set by SCA
  • Our coffee beans are 100% Arabica coffee and is Halal.
  • We have a range of quality coffee beans, from Single Origin Coffee to a premium selection of coffee blend. For every coffee, we custom roast each blend in order to extract its optimum flavours while providing a selection of roasting profiles.

Coffee Roastery
  • Our Coffee beans are roasted on a weekly basis ensuring that guests will have freshly roasted coffee beans
  • Our coffee Roasting and shipping processes are optimised to ensure all our coffees are delivered as fresh as possible.
Our Dedicated Team
From our coffee farm, to our roastery, our dedicated team consists of certified Q Grader, SCA trained instructor, and are Specialty Coffee Association certified.

Our Coffee Origins

Coffee Information
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