DEGAYO COFFEE has a rich family history that dates back to the 1920s. Our founder’s forefather found the coffee farm at Gayo Highlands, where his ancestors cultivated coffee plants for generations. The coffee plantation has contributed to the cultural value of the area by using traditional methods in order to maintain and sustain the local farmers’ culture.

The origin of our DEGAYO COFFEE name came from the word “GAYO” which was named after GAYO High- lands. The word “DE” comes from the word “The”.

DEGAYO COFFEE specialises in farming, sourcing, processing, roasting, packing premium quality Arabica Coffee.

With the increase of coffee consumption in the Asia Pacific market since 2010, people are wanting to know the story behind the cup of their daily routine. DEGAYO COFFEE aims to educate the people and to support coffee farmers by practising sustainable coffee farming and equipping our farmers with proper tools.

We provide the highest quality coffee beans in the coffee industry through ethical and sustainable practises while improving the welfare of farmers and those involved in the process of “Tree to Cup”.